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Zazen (seated meditation) is the heart of Zen practice which integrates body, breath, and mind, allowing us to enter into deep silence and stillness moment after moment. Kinhin (walking meditation) is the practice of meditation in activity, coordinating our breath with the movement of our feet and connecting our body firmly to the ground.

Besides zazen and kinhin, we also study the dharma (Buddhist teachings), participate in services of chanting and bowing, and share community meals and work practice together. All of these activities combined encourage and develop our ability to bring our attention and open heart to each moment of our everyday lives.

For meditation, loose comfortable clothing that modestly covers arms and legs is most suitable. Cushions and chairs are provided for sitting. As a courtesy, please arrive at least five minutes before the beginning of meditation or other sangha activities.

Monday Evenings* at Peninsula School: 7-9pm
     One period of zazen, service, and lecture
     *First Monday of each month is Retreat Evening with three periods of zazen and two periods of kinhin
(Please contact Misha at mishamerrill@gmail.com for more information)

Saturday Mornings: 1st & 3rd Saturdays in Woodside
Zazen     5:50-6:20
Kinhin     6:20-6:30
Zazen     6:30-7:00
Service     7:00-7:20
Breakfast     7:20-8:00
Work     8:00-8:40
Zazen     8:40-9:15
Study/Discussion     9:15-10:15
(Please contact Misha at mishamerrill@gmail.com for more information)

(Photo Credit : Marla Gault)