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Getting Involved

Sangha is the Buddhist word for the community of individuals who practice the Buddha’s way of meditation and mindfulness. Anyone with a desire to practice in this way is invited to become a member of our lay community simply by signing our 'Guest Member' sheet or writing directly to the Head Teacher. There is no financial requirement to become a member; the ability to vote in elections or to be eligible for board positions is based solely on number of years of practice with the sangha.

Practice Opportunities
There are many ways in which members contribute to the well-being of the sangha while increasing their sense of connection with the group. Practice opportunities include recording lectures, maintaining the website, setting up for the evening meditation programs, coordinating Dharma School for children in the sangha, creating a quarterly newsletter, and serving on our Council of Harmony and Practice Committee. Volunteers serve as officers and board members to oversee the financial and administrative activities of the sangha. In addition, all members are encouraged to attend quarterly Sangha Meetings as another way of sharing practice issues and deepening dharma friendships.

Financial Support
ZHS does not require fees for any of the teachings or meditation programs. The support of our teacher and program is done through the voluntary donations of the community in the tradition of dana, the Buddhist teaching of generosity. These contributions support our current practice and also maintain the practice for those who may wish to join us in the future. As a 501c3 corporation, all financial contributions are tax- deductible.