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Calendar Year

In addition to our regular Schedule, we offer retreats, classes, and special events. Guest teachers often share the dharma with us, as well. 

(All Monday evening lectures are given by Misha unless otherwise indicated.)

3 Mon     Retreat evening
10 Mon     Speaker: Jill
14 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
15 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
17 Mon     Speaker: Jill
24 Mon     Speaker: Misha

1 Mon     Retreat evening
6 Sat     First Saturday
8 Mon     Speaker: Misha
15 Mon     Guest Speaker: Rev. Les Kaye (Kannon Do)
19 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
20 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
22 Mon     Guest Speaker: Kathleen Dickey
27 Sat     Dharma School (COAG)
29 Mon     NO MEETING (Memorial Day)

3 Sat     First Saturday (maybe)
5 Mon     Retreat evening
12 Mon     Speaker: Jill
16 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
17 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
19 Mon     Bodhisattva Ceremony
26 Mon     Guest Speakers: Diane Comey and Wing Ng

1 Sat     First Saturday
3 Mon     NO MEETING (Independence Day)
10 Mon     Speaker: Jill
14 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
15 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
17 Mon     Guest Speaker: Rev. Diane Rizzetto
22 Sat     Dharma School (COAG)
24 Mon     Speaker: Misha
31 Mon     Speaker: Jill

5 Sat     First Saturday
7 Mon     Retreat evening
14 Mon     Speaker: Misha
18 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
19 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
21 Mon     Guest Speaker TBA
28 Mon     Speaker: Misha

2 Sat     First Saturday
4 Mon     NO MEETING (Labor Day)
11 Mon     Speaker: Misha
15 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
16 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
18 Mon     Speaker: Misha
23 Sat     Dharma School (COAG)
25 Mon     Bodhisattva Ceremony

2 Mon     Retreat evening
6 Fri     8—Fall Retreat (Location TBA)
7 Sat     First Saturday
9 Mon     Speaker: Jill
16 Mon     Speaker: Jill
20 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
21 Sat     Third Saturday
23 Mon     Speaker: Misha
30 Mon     Segaki (Hungry Ghosts) Ceremony

4 Sat     First Saturday
6 Mon     Retreat evening
13 Mon     Speaker: Jill
17 Fri     Tea Ceremony lesson
18 Sat     Third Saturday/sewing
20 Mon     Speaker: Misha
27 Mon     Speaker: Jill